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What is Tenants Plus?

The Tenants Plus online service offers a private rental search facility for tenants looking for properties to rent within London. Before property viewings we arrange for you to be referenced and credit checked, and through our special relationships with local high street agents, tenants using our service will not be charged any administrative fees.

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How much does the referencing and credit check cost?

The cost for the lead tenant is currently FREE but for other tenants in the group or guarantors the cost for each to be referenced will be £19.20 incl VAT.

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What other fees do I have to pay?

Each letting agent has their own scale of fees and charges. As members of Tenants Plus though, the agent will not charge you any referencing fees or administration fees that relate to the referencing process. Other reasonable charges may apply (e.g. drawing up a tenancy agreement).

How long does the referencing and credit check take?

The referencing and credit check process usually takes approximately between 3-5 working days after submission of the application form.

What happens if I do not pass referencing?

You will be notified by email that you have not passed the referencing process. We are not able to provide you with any reasons why you have not passed the referencing and credit check.

Will I get a refund of the referencing fee if I do not pass?

Not if there was a charge, as this service has been carried out for you.

Do I get a copy of the completed reference report?

We are unable to provide you with the report as this is only available to your selected letting agent and landlord.

What can I do now if I have not passed referencing?

Generally the main reasons behind a failed referencing process is one of the following:

A. Affordability - The income verified may be insufficient to cover the maximum amount of rent you have listed in your search criteria.

B. Adverse Credit - A credit check may have found some adverse credit information on you, this could be a debt or a county court judgement (CCJ).

C. Landlord Reference - Your current landlord or managing agent may not have provided a suitable reference for you.

Should you fail credit check, we recommend you enrol onto a credit reference website to check and help improve your credit score.

I need a guarantor, can I use Tenants Plus?

Yes, if you require a guarantor, they can open an account by registering on our agent and guarantor portal website below. Please note that you must be signed up to Tenants Plus first and the guarantor can then enter your registered email address to link your accounts.

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